Billboard-sized ANGER DUE TO videos at the corner of Yonge & Richmond this summer

Starting June 1, 2014, a series of ultra-short video works by NY-based Steve Lambert and Toronto-based Gary MacLeod will begin appearing on video billboards in downtown Toronto.

Gary MacLeod’s ANGER DUE TO videos will appear on the PATTISON video board located at the corner of Yonge and Richmond streets, in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

Ten of Gary MacLeod’s ANGER DUE TO videos will cycle throughout the day on the Yonge/Richmond video billboard, with one of the 8-second videos screening approximately every minute. MacLeod has a long history of incorporating signs and signage in his art practice, and these videos are a transformation of an earlier street intervention project.

“I am obsessed with manipulating signs and editing their meanings. When I see those oh so present “DANGER DUE TO:” signs. I really see “ANGER ANGER DUE TO:” signs and immediately want to write in a thousand different words and reasons in that blank box space.”

Gary MacLeod

Steve Lambert’s The End will appear on PATTISON Outdoor’s largest downtown video board, located at the corner of Yonge and Edward Streets, just north of Dundas Square, an area that experiences more than 100,000 pedestrians on a daily basis. The two person exhibition, Sign Me Up will run whenever space is available on the these two video billboards until the end of August.

Sign Me Up is part of Art in Transit, PATTISON Onestop’s ongoing arts and culture programme.

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